Admission Procedure Study is based on a modified semester system. The academic year is divided into two semesters namely Spring and Autumn. General education and functional courses are offered in each semester. Ph. D, M.Phil, M.Sc/MA and Teacher Education Programmes i.e. PTC, CT, B.Ed. , M. Ed. are announced once a year. Study period for each semester generally lasts 18 weeks, plus Two weeks for preparation for examination. Admissions are offered twice a year as given below:
    Opening Date
    Semester    Date
    Spring     February 01
    Autumn     August 2

    Closing Date
    Semester    Date
    Spring     Feburary 25
    (From 26-02-2011 to 07-03-2011 with Single Late Fee)
    (From 08-03-2011 to 18-03-2011 with Double Late Fee)
    Autumn     August 31